#FOAMed of the Week: US in cardiac arrests via Ultrasoundpodcast.com


An EBM cautionary tale on using ultrasound in pulse checks from the excellent team at ultrasoundpodcast.com.

The advice here I think is relevant to any procedure being performed while other time critical tasks need to be on-going. 

Having a Resus Team that is empowered to speak up is vital!

Check out the video here


#FOAMed of the Week: Thoracic Ultrasound Exam by @UltrasoundMD

When branching out from the basics of bedside ultrasound having a standardised approach helps improve your technique and train your brain to recognise abnormalities in the images you see.

There are standardised approaches developed by ITU docs for thoracic scanning but these are comprehensive assessments rather than the focused imaging designed to answer a specific clinical question.

BelowJacob Avila of Ultrasound Podcast and 5minSono shares his approach for ED Thoracic US, which seems like a good place to start.

Go to his wesbite for loads of other good teaching on ED US: 5minsono.com


Heres some other great Thoracic US videos for you to get your eye in.... then give it a try!


#FOAMed of the Week: US in Sepsis via @ultrasoundpod

The guys at The Ultrasound Podcast have a discussion about the above paper and how POCUS can help us managing the acutely ill septic patient. 

Check out some of their other work (for free) here:

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#FOAMed of the Week: Renal Ultrasound via the Ultrasoundpodcast.com

As ever the Masters of #FOAMed Ultrasound make it look easy!

In our ED we still need to follow our local protocol, but the evidence discussed in these podcasts suggests things may change, especially in younger patients, and US may be the first line investigation. 

No harm in trying to predict what the CT KUB will show and getting your eye in!

#FOAMed of the Week: Lung Ultrasound via @ultrasoundmd



More great meducation from @ultrasoundmd and @ultrasoundpod on lung USS. They are doing a series on ultrasound basics which is an awesome way for a beginner to recognise the potential of their new skills. 

Lung US is useful both in the resus room and triage guiding initial treatment and further investigation. Its quick, easy and you can practice your technique while waiting for the XR machine to power up........SO 19th century!

Check out their other basics podcasts on lines and renal US.


Lovely vodcast from WesternSono introducing you to distal radius reduction review using Point Of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) and also using POCUS in haematoma blocks. A great way to develop my skills in US which could be transferable into other areas eg sternal US.

In the future I imagine telling the medical students anecdotes about how we used to irradiate patients to see if the fracture was back to normal while pulling my portable US out of my pocket........ *drifts off into day-dream*

Co-amoxi-fruse-nitrate? With slow IV fluids? Add a Lung Ultrasound string to your diagnostic bow....

Patients presenting with undifferentiated shortness of breath is a common diagnostic conundrum in the ED. Increasingly patients have multiple chronic respiratory conditions to further muddy the murky waters. 

Lung Ultrasound isn't a magic bullet but it is another string to our diagnostic bow. Here's some great #FOAMed resources to get yourself LearnED in Lung Ultrasound. 

First the Skeptic's Guide to Emergency Medicine (thesgem.com) reviews a very recent paper on whether doctors can use B-lines to diagnose pulmonary oedema in the ED after a thirty minute training session.

visit thesgem.com or subscribe to the podcast to keep up to date and also improve your critical appraisal skills.

Next, from ultrasoundpodcast.com heres some excellemt tutorials to get your skills up to speed. 

Finally EMcurious.com have an Ultrasound leadership academy blog series which has a great lung ultrasound introduction: 



Enjoy! Viva la FOAMed!