#FOAMed of the week: Surgical Cricothyroidotomy via Emcrit/Levitan

We had our first Edinburgh EM BossSIM this week, which amongst other nightmares included an unexpected 'Can't intubate, Can't ventilate' Scenario.  There was some great chat in debrief about the procedure and the different techniques taught and used. 

So this inspired a review of some vodcasts on a #FOAMed favourite - the surgical airway. 

This is a rare, critical and therefore stressful procedure.  Thinking it through well before you find yourself doing it is essential preparation.  #FOAMed is here to help!

EMcrit.org features some great info on how to avoid the stress of the context from bringing you off track, making  this procedure as simple as it should be. 

Below is a talk from Richard Levitan at the Emcrit conference in 2014. Critical points include the ergonomics of your approach, making the landmarks simple to find under pressure.