#FOAMed of the Week: VT vs SVT with aberrancy AND Free ECG Book via Steve Smith's ECG Blog

Rather than a podcast or vodcast I want to highlight two amazing #FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) resources in the blogosphere. 

Firsly a link to Dr Steve Smith's ECG Blog on an ECG Case looking at management of VT vs SVT with aberrancy (Classic ED ECG Dilemma).

This includes the main pitfall for the use of Adenosine in broad complex tachycardia. 

Second is to highlight his book which is available free from his website and at the link below: 

Click the pic to get access to downloadable pdf. 

Although free it is one of the highest regarded books in this area and is essential reading for ED physicians. 

Finally I also wanted to highlight that anyone looking for a summary of the SMACC Chicago Conference should check out www.heftemcast.co.uk for day by day account of the educational pearls from a UK perspective. 

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