#FOAMed of the Week: BRUE via FOAMedCast and Don't forget the bubbles...

More Paeds this week!
I have always found the ALTE (Acute Life Threatening Events) concept a bit frustrating:
an episode that is frightening to the observer and that is characterised by some combination of apnoea (central or occasionally obstructive), colour change…marked change in muscle tone
(usually marked limpness), choking, or gagging. In some cases, the observer fears that the infant has died.
It seemed vague enough to include almost anything from the obviously worrying to the obviously benign and advocated a lot of admissions that seemed ovecautious.
This Month The American Academy of Paediatrics released a clinical practice guideline which recommends a different strategy which is worth being aware of - and discussing with our paeds collaegues.


Its covered excellently by FOAMCast and Dont forget the bubbles.